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U.S. soldier claims to have shot & killed a 12-foot giant in Afghanistan. The soldiers bundled the giant in cargo netting & a helicopter carried the giant away. Is this another cover-up? It has a red beard, red hair & two rows of teeth. Very similar to the stories of the red-haired giants of the southwest Native American folklore.
According to the soldier, the giant skewed a trooper on a pike, others began to shoot & kill the giant.
Soldiers at the base heard that a man killed was three times the height of an average human.
“Well we’d heard that they killed this thing inside a cave, or the mouth of a cave, and there was common knowledge among the military to hear this. When you first hear, you’re thinking like, this has got to be a joke. This has got to be a hoax. Then after things go down a certain way, and you keep hearing it, you start to realize it’s not a joke.”
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