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Magick & The Occult, The Math & Geometry of Language, and the Simulacrum Hypothesis, i.e., Simulation Theory

The presentation of this article is a return to a more orthodox educational kind of format, but hopefully not to such a degree that it’s boring. The agenda is to discuss the potential reality that the universe may in fact be a computer simulation, and should it be true, offer a new perspective of the legends of powerful ancient magic. Could this hypothesis for the existence of reality give credit to all the spiritual and magical texts of the medieval and renaissance periods? Maybe some merit to the teachings of the elder mystic schools of antiquity whose content is nothing short of supernatural occurences, magical objects that would bestow immense power, as well as sacred alphabets in which you could spell sacred words, i.e., casting a genuine spell, all based on the mastery of power.

The first thing that should be discussed in this domain is Language, as it is the carrier wave of information in regards to all scientific inquiry and even in the world of ritual magick. Language is merely the prima materia of syntactical information and data from one brain to the other. Therefore this metaphysical data we call thought or ideology must have goals and intensions of its own; to be found, to be known, to be applied, to be progressed, to be taught and spread to every corner of the world, and most importantly to be tracked back to its own source. I then thought to myself “It could very well be that the Infinite Living Mind WANTS to be found.” Where did the first information in the universe come from? From where did the frontiers of pure data that formed this quantum spacetime vacuum originate? Is there an origin? Well there must be, or else it wouldn’t have fluctuated this far into the time and space we now know as “corporeal reality.” I then thought of the Hermetic Principle of Cause and Effect, relating it to my earlier thoughts of sending and receiving data and information effortlessly, it is an answer that begs to be found.

Stoned Ape, artwork by Alex Grey

In an attempt to flesh out these eccentric and philosophically abstract ideas, I express the question, does the Semiotics (the study of symbols) of magick really insist in an ultimate cosmic force preceeding them, and does Cryptography (the art of writing or solving codes) potentially demonstrate a fractal reflection of the work of God (universal code writer)? Well when it comes to studying Semiotics you will find that throughout record history symbols, graphetic writing of language, and even sacred geometry, which are all found on papyri of books and scrolls, stones, gems, clothing, metals, jewelry, staffs, wands, swords, armor, and magick scrying mirrors have all had a profound effect on the observer who is knowledgeable of their significance, a prioi (beforehand). Therefore, if those symbols carry any degree of meaning to you, they can transfer great influence and power from individuals to the masses, whether that be for manipulation, subliminal control, creation, and/or destruction.

artwork by Brass Badger

The history of religious and spiritual practice in monotheistic systems, as well as in Paganism, is riddled with symbols and letters of profound meaning. Beginning with Sigils (inscribed or painted signs or seals considered to have magical power), a big factor in the occult traditions, stemming from medieval and renaissance occult texts known as Grimoires. These grimoires were books of magic spells, conjuration rites, and invocations, which held great power in summoning angels, disembodied spirits, demons, ancient gods & goddesses, and pagan deities. This does not include the Necronomicon, as it is meant to be a fictious manuscript written by Howard Philips Lovecraft, which documents and infroms one on how to summon the “Great Old Ones,” which were abstract entities from the cosmic abyss, e.g., Cthulhu, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep. The modern and more contemporary practices in today’s culture is Chaos Magick, which is the self-serving task of attaining one’s own desires in sigils by condensing the writing of your desired intention, and then utilizing the letters of your statement to form a sort of monogram, using the gnostic trance state to cast or charge the sigil by force of will, hurling it into the subconscious mind where it begins to work unencumbered by desire. In fact, there is a new contemporary view of sigils that postulates that the structure of these symbols are corresponding to the conductive tracks on computer circuit boards, strengthening the link of the Simulation Theory to religious and magickal symbolism into a more apprehensible concept of the hypothesis being presented in this article.

Necronomicon Page, artwork by Daniel Govar

Mathematical formulas developed using differential calculus, by Physicists and Astrophysicists alike, leads to the idea that they understand what Pythagoras knew. The universe is ultimately made of number. Dr. James Gates Jr. has inadvertently discovered doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code in String Theory Equations. Incidental findings like this give greater credibility to the discoveries, than when a researcher comes across them simply because they have a greater chance of introducing their own bias. Dr. Gates was not searching for validating evidence for the simulation theory, yet those numbers of measure had fallen into his scope. Furthering our presented hypothesis by assessing that Cryptographers, i.e., code writers, for virtually simulated worlds in the near future, will have become so extremely advanced, therefore allowing us to cease the ability of distinguishing between the material universe and the virtual one, enforcing the assumption that we might already be in a virtual simulacrum.

Dr. James Gates Jr., photograph by Barbara Haddock Taylor

Another vital question to our hypothesis is: Are magick symbols, words, and spells merely symbolic representative action in a ritual procedure? Or can words in the form of sound (Phonetics), actually cause great fluctuating chain reactions of desired change to the micro/macro-cosmological orders cast through hidden forces of natural law? Beginning with the study of Indian philosophy on sound, it is a very profound and deeply worked out system and it is definiely analogous to the topic. In the Chakric system there is a fascinating factor that is not normally stressed but is entirely present in the original vedic texts, and that is the idea that on each of the petals, of the 7 differently-colored internal floral structures of light (the soul), are individual letters and sounds which are seed mantras. Vedic Metaphysics is, in itself, a whole theory of vibration, and the vedic assumption is that Sanskrit is the primal revealed language and that there are extremely special qualities associated with that language.

Kabbalism has many schools of Hasidic Mysticism, where what it’s about is the Hebrew alphabet as a primal language and that these are not simply letters, they are THE letters that God used to reveal himself to man. Stan Tenan and his research team of collegues, at the MERU Foundation, have discovered that by looking at the sequences of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, they reveal a fundamental topology that seems to be common across all boundaries of faith and experience. Any self-referential individual that is studying themselves, in any society, in any time, and takes their studies to the extreme, will find the same underlying patterns, that relate Singularity to Wholeness. Inside to outside. Wave to particle. The Hermetic Principle of Polarity. Along with various other findings, Tenen has also contributed to this field of linguistic metaphysics by creating a 3-dimensional object, which when illuminated with a bright source of light from certain angles, casts shadows of all the Hebrew letters, called the Shushon Flower. Meaning that this object is a higher dimensional analogue to the entire Hebrew alphabet. Terence McKenna had become so excited and fascinated by this, that he told his colleague Ralph Abraham (Chaos Mathematician) about this sculpture, in which Abraham responded: “Woah, no problem! We could write a computer program that can take the letters of any language and backward engineer it upward to a higher dimension, to get an object that would do that for Sanskrit, English, Arabic, etc., Once we had achieved that, we could take those 5-dimensional objects and perform the appropriate calculation up to 8, 9, or 10 dimensions, which would eventually leave us with an object that shed the letters of ALL alphabets into lower dimensions, according to the angle of its regarding.” Meaning that this object could very well be a lower manifestation of God, as the fountain head of all linguistic and glyphic signification of meaning as it pours through the structure of the universe.

Shushon Flower (Side-view), MERU Foundation Research
Shushon Flower (Top-view), MERU Foundation Research
Shushon Flower Arrrangement of the Hebrew Alphabet, MERU Foundation

Imagine having the ultimate understanding of The All, which would therefore help one achieve the mastery of power. Think of learning the substance of the cosmological code of gravity, electromagnetism, and spacetime, on a psychological, physiological, and even on a quantum physical level. Would learning this allow an individual who has mastered the functions and applications of these fundamental laws, to aquire the ability to move mountains and stop large asteroids? The substance that has the most effect on our culture and our lives is completely invisible, we can only see it’s effects, the substance is Information. Science started out as an off-shoot of magick, the two became completely divorced from each other, and bitter enemies, although I tend to think that at the present moment the two are growing back together again. It is well known that people at the cutting edge of Quantum Physics believe that information is a super weirder substance and is more fundamental than gravity, electromagnetism, or even the two nuclear forces. This would tend to suggest that our entire physical universe is the secondary byproduct of a primal information, in more magickal terms, “in the beginning there was the word.” Therefore I believe the answer is not too far into the future, once science/technology merges back with spirituality/magick, which one can identify as the process in Alchemy known as Coagula (to join together), only then can the human condition reveal the solution to its dissonant worldview.

Zodiakserie Tweelingen (1975), artwork by Johfra Bosschart