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The climate of the 1580s was shadowed by a giant figure over the landscape of Alchemy and modern science, who was the Welsh-descended Englishman John Dee who united and straddled in himself the worlds of the medieval magus and the complete spirit of the modern scientist. Being himself a mathematician, a brilliant cryptographer, and known mostly for developing and inventing the navigational instruments which allowed the conquest of the round Earth. Sir Francis Drake sailed up the coast of California utilizing navigational instruments that were top secret, unknown to the French and Spanish developed by John Dee. Dee had over 6000 books in his personal library, the largest collection of books in all of England at the time.

On a late evening in April, at his house in Mortlake outside of London, the archangel Gabriel descended unto his garden and gave him what he dubbed as the “shew stone” which resides in the British Museum to this day. It is a slab of polished Obsidian (an extrusive igneous volcanic glass, used in the stone age as cutting tools) shaped into a hand mirror and is said to be an ancient relic, an Aztec mirror. Dee used it for a number of years trying his best to direct the foreign policy of England as he was the main confidant of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Being the most accomplished astrologer in Europe, he would use his ability in order to cast horoscopes as an entree to all the great houses of Europe. He was also functioning as an intelligence agent, a spy for the British crown reporting to Elizabeth in ciphers that had previously only been used in magical ritual operations and various ceremonial rites. To Dee it was a television screen into the logos, a magical-spiritual theater, and if you had the right talent you could look into the Shew Stone and see that there were Gods, demons, and female spirits swirling around this thing.

John Dee‘s Personal magical instruments (British Museum)

How John Dee got this thing we cannot even imagine, he claims to have gotten it from an angel and no one can really naysay this. Although it is suspected by many that Cortez, on his return from the new world, brought a number of objects with him that he had collected in central Mexico.  For a number of years he didn’t seem to make much progress with it, he utilized other methods such as wax tables, talismans, and various sigils, until finally into his life came a mysterious character named Edward Kelley. Some accounts state that Kelley had no ears, indicating that he had them removed for being a charlatan, a fraud, and a conman, a common punishment in the provinces of England, so seeing an individual in this manner meant you knew to keep your wallet in your pocket, so he was a dubious character to say the least.

Edward Kelley (18th-century)

John Dee (16th Century)

The history around Kelley is incredibly puzzling due to the legend surrounding him that he was a weasel and a sharpie, because if he was a con artist, he must have been one of incredible cleverness. Kelley had an immense facility with this Shew Stone, one of the earliest recordings of what new age followers call channeling, as he would receive very very long messages from the Dee angels in Latin, BACKWARDS. Kelley would dictate this stuff at a very rapid pace, then they would put away the Shew Stone in order to laboriously rewrite these passages from back to front, so that they could then understand the data that was feeding through to them from the other side of their scrying-crystal. They found that most of the translations were long coherent harangues about what courtly figures they should fund money to, it was very political. Soon enough Kelley began receiving information from the angels, claiming that they spoke in their own language which Dee dubbed as “Enochian.” Many scholars have tried to understand where this linguistic structure originated from, but no real records have come forth as it does not appear in any other language or culture in the past, it was evoked (or channelled) out of the gazing of the Shew Stone. It is now clear that the Enochian language does appear to have a coherent vocabulary and syntax. Again, it is puzzling because the fact that Kelley was not a particularly educated or schooled person, urges one to inquire: “Then how could he have devised such a startling feat?”

Sigillum Dei Aemeth (Seal of God) or Signum Dei Vivi (symbol of the living God) a lettered circumference with an inscribed septagon, heptagram and internal heptagons, with an internal pentagram, labeled with the name of God and his angels, extradimensionally channelled to John Dee & Edward Kelley through magical practices and theurgic rituals in 1582.

John Dee ultimately wanted to recover lost spiritual knowledge and to restore the wisdom he believed to be found in books of antiquity. Of course he turned his attention to the Book of Enoch which he believed had embedded in itself the description of the magical system used by the patriarch Enoch in the Bible, in which he “walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him” (Genesis 5:21–24). The reason Dee would later dub Kelley’s translated angelic language is due to his idea of Enoch’s ascension (spiritual & physical) through his magical ceremonial rites taught to him by God’s holy cherubims (angels). John Dee inadvertently created the legend of man’s transcendence by God’s angelic workings in the Elizabethan Era.


Enochian Alphabet characters