Possible Face of Bigfoot caught on camera

Trapper Robert Ross from Nordegg Alberta Canada comes across an old campsite as he treks through the woods and notices a dark figure tucked behind a tree, he was able to shoot some video footage of a strange looking creature watching him move through the woods,...

Possible Bigfoot sighting caught on trail cam in Ohio

A very interesting photo captures by a trail cam in Ohio. It definitely has a humanoid silhouette however the weather conditions could fool the eye. Nonetheless the story and photo comes from Amanda Sampson Young from a Jim Harold's Virtual Cryptid Facebook Group. Hi...

Chilling Wendigo story

From Redditor Unathana: When I was young, I often spent parts of summers with my grandmother in her home out in the country. It was my favorite place in the world, and I always looked forward to the week-long stays of gardening, baking, late-night fires with s'mores...

The hiking trails with the most bigfoot sightings!

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Bigfoot or not. He doesn’t care. Whatever may you believe, A elder ancestor or cousin from similar evolutionary origins? An ancient cultural memory embedded in our species whenever we’re in the woods? A huge hoax by the national park systems and Native Americans?

Cryptids of Latin America

Every single country and region on earth ha their cryptids. From the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland to the Sasquatch in Canada, Latin America is no different. We don’t really get to read or hear much about these mythical beasts. Latin America has a deep and rich ancestral culture with Native Americans. Nearly every Latin American has some blood of ancient tribes and the people who lived here before pre-Columbian contact. Here’s a list of our favorite top 5 Latin American Cryptids.

Ancient Native American legends of Bigfoot

The term “sasquatch” comes from the Halkomelem word “sasq’ets” which is just a name for “wild men”, essentially referring to bigfoot-like creatures. Halkomelem was a language spoken by a small group of Native Americans on the border between British Columbia and Washington. Stories of a “wild man” existed among the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest long before white colonists moved in. Versions of Bigfoot ranged from harmless giants who stole fish from fishermen’s nets, to cannibalistic monsters living on mountain peaks. These stories varied from tribe to tribe, and even from family to family, which meant that Bigfoot had a lot of different names.

Cryptids on the east coast. [U.S]

Cryptids are located all over North America, CryptidEarth is based out of Atlanta, so we wanted to write about some of the beast located in our backyard. Here are some of our favorite ones. Please note, that some of the pictures may, in fact, be hoaxes. However, we included them to add to the ingredients of playing with the possibility of such beasts existing.

Was the Yeti scalp real?

The Yeti is usually regarded as a folklorish figure, but physical evidence like hair and bones has been found to back up centuries of sightings. Now, an international team of scientists has conducted one of the most detailed DNA studies to date on some of these samples, and they’ve uncovered what may be behind the legends of the so-called Abominable Snowman.


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