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Antarctica has always been an interesting continent, however with all the crazy theories ranging from a hollow earth, Nazi secret UFO bases, and ancient civilizations, we’ve always been intrigued with the mystery shrouding this frozen mass of land. Below is a quick excerpt and gem, we wanted to share from 4chan’s /x/ paranormal board.

Do you guys REALLY believe everything we were told in school? That Antarctica, a continent the size of Australia, is completely devoid of human civilization and not worth discussing?

The ice has started melting in some areas. Soon, we will all see the truth of what lies beneath those miles of ice. The Nazis certainly thought there was something under all that ice worth finding. The Allies even attacked them for it… Operation Highjump. 300 Allied soldiers died, and they had to retreat. No one ever spoke of what really happened.

Finally, here is a giant, seemingly artificial cave opening into the Antarctica subterranean, built in the region of what was Hitler’s New Swabia. You can google the coordinates pretty easily.

I hope I piqued curiosity in this topic among some of you. That continent is NOT what it seems. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, look into why the Russian Orthodox church’s Patriarch was recently given a personal military escort by Putin’s navy down to Antarctica after receiving a strange artifact from the Muslims in Mecca, and how the Pope ended up meeting with the Patriarch for the first time in 1000 years to discuss the matter before he departed. Very intriguing stuff.